Women in politics


Women’s participation in politics has raised several discussions over the vital issues and opportunities that exist for the better half of the UK today. Women today are experiencing active participation and opportunities for leadership roles at all political, economic, and public systems. Over the past century, the impact of new policies and international movements have changed women’s lives in the UK. Here are the changes that happened in the past hundred years for women in the UK at the political, economic, and public levels.

More participants in the activism movement

Over the last ten decades, we have experienced growth in women’s involvement in the activism movement. Many powerful women have to lead the movement throughout the years with their fellow supporters to fight for activism and the sisterhood’s rights and fundamentals. More women came forward to educate and create awareness among others about the reality of women. They supported each other to find a place in the nation’s politics. The increasing number of women participants in politics has also influenced change in culture and remodeling of the political parties to build a wider political system.

New rules for women

New rules for women

As women activists rose to power, a number of new themes emerged that help in breaking the barriers for women’s progress in the UK. The nature of the electoral system faced a massive impact after the progress of women in politics. Rules such as party candidate selection and the second chamber in the UK government have been revolutionary. The CEDAW (i.e., the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) is a fine example of how things started to change.

New culture and environment for women

With the changes that occurred in the past, women experienced a change in the culture, norms, and practices in the economic and political workspace. The conditions of the political workplace at national and local legislatures have also seen considerable improvement. The leaders, however, felt that the cultural change had taken way longer time than expected and shared concern of urgency.mhairi black

A growing number of female leaders

In the past decades, we have experienced the growth in leadership roles for women in politics. There are more participants for leadership roles today than every. We can also see women at the top positions in the political and economic systems, which is a massive indication of the progress of women in the UK.

The lives of women in the UK is changing

Women have also reported experiencing a change in the lifestyle of women and girls in the UK. The women today are much stronger and confident while speaking. There have been significant changes in the policy areas that are changing women’s lives. A typical change is seen in the success of women and girls in tackling violence and discrimination. Better healthcare facilities are also available for women today with distinctive rights.